Our authentic Balinese prefab villa’s

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Our standard balinese house is an authentic Joglo with its stunning woodcarved centre. Of course, any other type of house is also available.
For the Joglo we’ve a design process in which we apply standardised wall panels, making the design of the Joglo modular and therefore highly flexible. Select any size, like:
  • 6×8 meters
  • 9×12 meters
  • 15×15 meters

Additionally, you have full flexibility over the layout of the rooms and the size of the deck around the house.

16602411 627794167431075 8649864862856253952 o 200x300 - Authentic Balinese prefab villa'sWe work with a variety of wall panels. These are a mix of traditional and modern options, such as:
  • Traditional Balinese wooden walls, including woodcarvings and the possibility of glass doors.
  • Traditional doors, including wood carvings.
  • Window panels, both traditional and modern.
  • Complete glass panels.
  • Complete white wall panels.
  • And many more.
All panels are custimisable through custom-woodcarvings, color options and flexibility in the materials.

Panels 3 - Authentic Balinese prefab villa's

In order to make our homes truly unique, we provide our clients with the opportunity to select from different woodcarvings that are incorporated into the wall panels. The three wall panels exhibited on the right are merely examples of the options that are available.

Apart from these three options, our clients also have the opportunity to select any other woodcarving available in our portfolio or come up with their personalised designs.

16602526 627796357430856 1694945583487424868 o 1 200x300 - Authentic Balinese prefab villa'sOnce the size, layout and structure (including wall panels and wood cavings) have been selected, we will move on to the interior and exterior design. This includes anything from the floor to the deck, the bathroom to the kitchen and furniture to artwork.

This can be done through our pre-arranged portfolio, by sending our local Bali team to the shops or even coming over to Bali yourself to go out and look for the pieces you want together with our team. We will be there to help obtain, pack and ship the items to you.

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