Development Central America

Construction icon 150x150 - Development & container based prefab

Throughout Central America, we work with a Costa Rican construction company that has extensive experience in the building of Balinese houses. We are therefore able to completely develop projects throughout the region.

At this stage, the concept has been realised into a complete design. The complete house, including interior & exterior design aspects, furniture and materials have been selected. Then test build on Bali and will be carefully packaged, loaded into a container by our local Bali team and shipped to the project’s destination.

We take care and are fully responsible of the entire procedure; from production, to shipping, to construction.

The moment the container arrives at the destination, one of our project managers will be on-site to receive and verify the container. After this, the building of the house will begin.

Container based prefab

Container 4 150x150 - Development & container based prefab

Outside the Central America region, we deliver our homes globally on a container prefab basis.

Our homes are prefabricated on Bali, at which point we apply simple and intuitive markings that will be used together with a technical drawing for the building of the home at the place of destination. The homes are marked in such a way that anyone, without prior knowledge, can complete the construction.

Complete container based prefab homes; including interior & exterior design, furniture and materials.

Together with the house, all other interior & exterior design aspects and furniture, together with all building materials can be delivered in the same container(s). This means any requested chair, bed or even every nut, bolt and screw.

Inspection & design trip

For either development options, our clients are welcome to come to Bali for an inspection of the final prefabricated home. Additionally, during the inspection trip you will be able to experience a trip around the island for inspiration, as well as material and furniture selection and purchasing together with our local team.