• Our unique Joglo design

    We’ve created a design process in which we apply standardized wall panels, making the design of the Joglo modular and therefore highly flexible. Additionally, the wall panels themselves are customizable through custom-woodcarvings, color option and flexibility in the materials.

  • Interior & exterior design

    Interior design is the art of creating the space that best suits the needs of our customer. At Bali Home Designs, we pride ourselves in designing comfortable, as well as functional spaces, by anticipating the needs of our clients. We strive to create the perfect balance between ancient features, art and modern design. This entire process is done in cooperation with our customers.

  • Flooring, deck & building materials

    All our material is from Indonesia and is of the highest quality. All the wood, flooring as well as every stainless steel nut, bolt and screw. This means all needed material is delivered, making the projects completely independent of local, often less-reliable or more expensive, materials. Our clients have full control over the chosen flooring and deck, having choice from anything from hardwood to white coral stone.

  • Woodcarvings

    All woodcarvings displayed throughout the website are handmade in Bali on our request. You are not only able to choose from these woodcarvings, but present us with your own designs. This provides you with the opportunity you fully customise the wall panels and therefore create the soul of your home.

  • Bathroom

    Having determined the layout of the bathroom is the concept stage; you are now in full control of the design of the bathroom. Anywhere from a focus on luxury or simplicity, or a combination of both. Outside showers and baths are considered a standard feature in our homes.

  • Kitchen

    Based on the needed functionality, any kitchen unit can be placed: from a kitchenette to fully functional kitchen. Kitchen appliances & materials are all at your choosing.

  • Furniture

    Bali and the surrounding islands are known for its arts & crafts. This is directly visible in the furniture that is created all over the islands. We have a local team that is dedicated to finding the most beautiful and unique furniture pieces. Additionally, we have the opportunity to recreate your favorite furniture, as well as look for pieces on demand.

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Our showroom & boutique Costa Rica retreat

Please follow the following link for more information about our showroom and boutique retreat in Uvita, Costa Rica.