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Our authentic Balinese villa’s, fully prefabricated

  • Design process

    The initial step of any project is the design of the authentic Balinese villa’s. At Bali Home Design we design all the prefab structures in-house, using architectural software. We do this in constant communication with our clients.

    We provide:

    • Architectural drawings
    • 3D renderings
    • Detailed onsite assembly manual
  • Quality materials & certifications

    Bali Home Designs solely uses the highest grade Benkirai (Balau) and Teak wood as building material. Both Benkirai (Balue) and Teak are naturally resistant to termites and are both equivalent to F27 structural grade.

    All critical wood is dried using the internationally recognized KILN method.

    Bali Home Designs is fully certified with SLVK. The SLVK ensures that the wood we use for construction complies with the local Indonesian laws. This is needed for the V-Legal certificate for export. This means all the wood we use at Bali Home Designs is 100% legal.

  • Prefabrication, traditional building methods and carving

    Prefab means that we fully construct the structures locally on Bali. We combine traditional Balinese and Javanese building methods, with modern technology. Bali Home Designs sets itself apart by combining traditional woodcarvings with modern design. Once the structure is completed, we code it and break it down.

  • Finishing and shipping

    After the prefabrication is completed we apply the requested finishing to the wood. We can do anything from natural finishing, to staining or high quality whitewash. After this process the prefab structure is picked up by our trusted shipping partner and shipped anywhere around the world.

  • On-site assembly

    Our client can reassemble the prefab structure without previous experience with Balinese structures, based on the detailed assembly manual Bali Home Designs supplies.

    In Costa Rica and surrounding countries we work with a partner that can take on turn-key projects.

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Our authentic Balinese villa’s showroom & boutique Costa Rica retreat

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