Every home has its own story

Every home has its own story

We are often asked where we source our homes, furniture and artwork.

Is essence, every home at Bali Home Designs has its own story. Even more, we believe every home has its own soul. Let us explain why:

Any project starts with a call from Agus, our local partner; one of his contacts has a lead on a family looking to sell their house. From there, we usually take a long 7 hour drive through small towns, countryside and dense jungle; one place more mesmerizing than the next. When we reach our destination, the entire village welcomes us, with children running around all over the place. When we get out of the car, children with big smiles start shouting: ‘hello sir’ whether he is speaking to one of the men or women of our team. The reality is that many of them have never seen a foreigner.

We are then taken to the family who are looking to sell the house, whom explain why they are looking to sell. In these villages, more often than not, the families sell their houses in order to build brick houses, which is a sign of higher stature. To us, their ancient wooden houses deserve a second life. From the beautiful wood carved center of the house, to the detailed wood carved details that can be found around the house. Often when the houses aren’t sold, they end up in a state of despair.

It is during these trips we find the most rare pieces of woodcarvings, artwork and other interior & exterior design pieces. It is also where we met an extremely talented man who now does a large amount of our woodcarvings. Because this man has difficulty walking, he chooses to spend his days constantly making the most beautiful woodcarvings, often closely followed by his son, who is now picking up on his father’s incredible skill.

All of these trips, houses and the people we meet are unique, which is why every home has its own story and to us, its own soul.