Adapted version with icons2 300x251 - 01. Concept

The perfect home starts with a dream and an idea. We specialise in materializing this idea into a concrete concept, for both businesses and individuals.

The designers at Bali Home Designs use the idea’s of our clients to create a concept, which is used for the exact design of the house. The concept, in the form of a technical drawing, is based on our unique modular design, using standardised wall panels.

“Let your imagination run free, to create the home of your dreams”

Within the concept we create together, you have the complete freedom to choose the amount of rooms, the positioning and layout of the rooms. The key for us is open communication to create the perfect concept.

This is the step where you let your imagination run free, determine:

  • The size of the house.
  • The number of rooms
  • The positioning of the rooms
  • The size and width of the deck.
  • A covered or half covered deck
  • The wall panels that will be used. From the wood carved panels, that are true pieces of art, to a complete glass wall enabling you to overlook the landscape around your house.

This is also the step where you can start thinking about what kind of furniture you would like; a king size bed, bunk beds, family dining or individual tables. At this stage, you are the ones that choose everything and we are here to guide you in what is feasible. This is where you can express your deepest dreams and bring to life the house you have always dreamt of.

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02. Design

Step 2 uses the concept we’ve created together to create the interior & exterior design