“At Bali Home Designs we create comfortable, as well as functional, authentic Balinese homes by combining ancient features with modern design”

01. Concept
From dream, to idea to concept. At Bali Home Designs we specialise in creating the concept that matches the dreams of our clients.
02. Design
From concept to design. Due to our unique modular home designs, we are able to create authentic Balinese custom-made homes. Additionally, we deliver anything from flooring, to outside decks to in and outside bathrooms & furnishings.
03. Development
From design to development. We ensure quality and deliverability by being completely involved throughout the development phase; from production, to shipping, to construction.



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Open Hours

Monday-Friday 9am to 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am to 8pm

Contact Info

Uvita, Costa Rica & Echo Beach, Bali
+316 499 57 591